We aim to help the people of Iowa to hear the latest news about audiology and to understand how hearing loss can be helped. 

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Our Mission

Iowa Family Audiology is an effort to promote knowledge and information about hearing loss and hearing aids. The people of Iowa have a unique lifestyle that involves farming, machinery, and hunting. The purpose of Iowa Family Audiology is to make sure that the most current and up-to-date information about safe hearing is available. 


“Do you hear, but not understand?”



If you have been experiencing a change in your ability to hear and understand, you need to consult a hearing professional immediately and schedule a hearing test. People ignore sudden changes in hearing too often and often wait for years before taking action on their hearing loss. 

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Our Challenge

Hearing Loss is silently destroying lives and families around the entire state of Iowa. One in three people in the United States over retirement age suffer from age-related hearing loss, and many will wait up to 7 years to take action. If we can provide you with a reason to get your hearing checked even a single day sooner than you otherwise would have, we would be honored to have helped improve your life. 



Of people between 65 and 74 suffer from age related hearing loss


Of people over the age of 75 experience age related hearing loss

7 Years

The average amount of time people wait to take action on hearing loss


You may not know this, but hearing loss is correlated with several other conditions. If you live with one of these conditions, please get your hearing checked immediately. 

  • Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Dementia

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Take Action

If you want to do something about your hearing loss, or find out if you aren't hearing as well as you should be, you can do so today at no cost. If you want to take action now, click Learn More to find a hearing provider near you.

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